Applications Specialist Advisory Boards

We held our first CT Applications Specialist Advisory Board meeting on August 10th and 11th, 2022. It was graciously hosted by GE at the GE Healthcare Institute in Waukesha, WI. We sought feedback from Applications Specialists in hopes to improve the adoption/implementation rate of our protocols. We also welcomed suggestions for areas to improve our protocols, protocol manuals, and website for customer satisfaction. Overall, it was a very valuable, rewarding session and we will continue this effort on a bi-annual basis.

Round Table Discussion included:

  •   Results of UW’s survey sent to GE Applications Specialists
  •   Suggestions for improvement on our website
  •   Suggestions for improvement on our protocol manuals
  •   Delivery of our protocols via IPM (cloud- based protocol share)
  •   Conversion of UW protocols to Auto Prescription
  •   Supporting documents that Apps specialists can provide to their customers
  •   Analyzed protocols/Auto Gating/GSI/Auto Prescription profiles that we loaded onto a scanner on-site
  •   Future plans for building & sharing protocols on scanner makes/models not available at UW – and the use of GE equipment for these projects.


From Left to Right: Eric Hart, Franco Rupcich, Carrie Bartels, Duane Burns, Pamela McNicol, Jenny Hipp, Jeannie Mims, Craig Johnson, Dawn Strickland, Myron Pozniak, Hailey Holda, Rachel Bladorn, Amanda Ciano, Tim Szczykutowicz.


Dawn Strickland
CT Clinical Education Manager

Jenny Hipp
CT Applications Specialist
Southeast Region

Craig Johnson
CT Applications Specialist
Northeast Region

Hailey Holda
CT Applications Specialist
West Region

Duane Burns
CT Applications Specialist
North Central Region

Jeannie Mims
CT Applications Specialist
Southeast Region

Pamela McNicol
Lead Product Development Specialist
Premium CT (Global)

Eric Hart
Lead Clinical Development Specialist – Clinical Development (Global)

Amanda Ciano
Clinical Product Manager (Global)

Franco Rupcich
Architect, CT Engineering

Tim Szczykutowicz, Ph.D., DABR
Associate Professor (CHS) Medical Physicist / ISO Specialist

Myron Pozniak, MD
Professor (CHS)

Carrie Bartels, RT (R)(CT)
Lead CT Partnership Technologist / Senior CT Technologist

Rachel Bladorn, B.S. RT (R)(CT)
Senior CT Technologist