The University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW) CT protocols were created so that you not only image gently, but you also image well. This effort combines the expertise of UW radiologists, physicists, and CT technologists with ISO quality consultants, GE CT engineers and their application specialists.

Our partnership with GE Healthcare helps us take full advantage of the unique features of each GE CT scanner platform. Scan settings are optimized for the latest reconstruction algorithms. By adjusting the scan and reconstruction parameters, each protocol is optimized to enhance the potential for accurate diagnosis of any suspect clinical condition.

Converting to the UW CT protocols on your GE scanners offers many benefits:

  • Scans executed with appropriately low dose.
  • Less daily scan variability for the CT technologists
  • Fewer interruptions for the radiologists and physicists
  • Faster patient throughput and repeat studies
  • Uniform image quality from all scanners provides an ‘apples to apples’ comparison with repeat examinations.
  • High diagnostic confidence on the part of the interpreting radiologist
  • Cost savings as the burden of protocol development and maintenance is lifted from the organization.
  • Simplified protocol updates (when combined with the IPM)
  • Greater success with AI tools. Protocol standardization greatly enhances success of AI and results in fewer rejected studies.
  • Updated annually by radiologists, physicists, and technologists fulfilling the Joint Commission requirement.

At UW we are assisting in the development and validation of new GE Digital Products such as Imaging Protocol Manager (IPM). This cloud- based application allows us to upload, remotely edit, then download and monitor protocols. This technology, coupled with the full set of UW protocols lays the foundation for the future of CT.